David Branch!!! vs Luke Rockhold, my prediction


This man David Branch is not fucking around. I am starting to feel like he is gonna give Luke Rockhold a real run for his money on September 16th. I was just listening to the MMA Hour. Ariel had David on the show. First, he put Ariel on blast about being a sarcastic little bitch, which i can thoroughly understand his point of view. He sounds extremely confident in his abilities. Luke rockhold has not fought in a year and a half. After getting ktfo by Bisping. He better be coming back with a fucking attitude because this man David Branch isn’t playing any games, and I’m pretty sure he’s riding a 9 or 10 fight win streak. He has like 25 fights in all with something like 3 or 4 losses. Don’t quote me on that.

But then again Luke Rockhold has brutalized many of the top LHW’s during his career. I have yet to see their reach and height but i feel like Rockhold may be slightly bigger/ longer. But they’re gonna step in the cage with each other and we will get to see what happens. I think Rockhold’s experience with the highest level fighters with give him the victory in this bout, putting him back on track with a W. Luke Rockhold defeats David Branch via unanimous decision.


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