Here is a fight I am actually excited to see. I dont care who you are, if you watch this fight you will most likely be entertained. Both of these guys are monsters with extremely versatile fighting styles. Both guys have amazing cardio. We just saw Cody take Cruz a full 5 rounds and he pretty much dominated him. They kinda took the fifth round slow, but keep in mind there was stand up and ground game in that fight, so there was plenty of room to get tired. So let’s see. Cody has those brutal hands, TJ has wicked kicks. They both have all around great striking. They both are outstanding wrestlers. I literally don’t know who the fuck to pick in this fight. For some reason, I don’t see Cody Garbrandt getting finished in this fight, although it is possible of course. I wanna say that if it goes the distance, Dillashaw will win. But that isn’t really based on much because once again, look at how Cody just fought Cruz. Hard to pick, but I think i’m gonna go with Cody Garbrandt via 2nd round KO.


That being said, I thoroughly enjoy watching both fighters and I won’t be upset either way the fight goes. As long as it’s entertaining (:


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