Jon Jones…. stop it

This nigga fails a third drug test….. but it was just another big misunderstanding. Is it really though? Did someone spike your drink Jon? Did you take a dick pill or tainted supplement? Or did you feel like you needed to cheat to defeat DC? Or even worse, have you been cheating your entire UFC career? I mean, the way he demolished those legends really makes you question if he was on some shit the whole time. And I hate to even think of Jon Jones being a cheater. I was on his side all throughout the cocaine situation, the hit and run, and the dick pill thing. I was like hey fuck it, he is a wild man inside and outside of the cage, that’s why we love him. But then he fails a piss test for turinabol   the day before his rematch with DC. He kicked DC’s head into another dimension and pounded his head into the canvas, I’m Sure you all remember. And guess what, that’s exactly what I wanted to happen. I even called the fight exactly:


ima fuckin wizard

Had to give myself props lol.

Then Jonny Bones comes out with this shit on twitter:

“You gotta live with tomorrow despite how you’re feeling today”


Like seriously dude? I wish this man would come clean if he really did cheat, (which he did in my mind) because it would really earn him some respect. It would just be refreshing to clear the air on this situation.

Once you know all the details of the story, it gets hard to side with Jon Jones. I’m heartbroken as a fan, but I’m not sure if we’ll see Jon fight any time soon. Think about how DC must feel. Jon embarrassed him in front of the world, giving him an L for the second time. The only 2 losses on Daniel’s record came from the same man, who was likely cheating. It’s fucked up, but it’s real life and that’s how this shit played out. Both of these guys are in fucked up positions right now, 2 different worlds of hurt. The difference is that one brought this shit upon himself and the other was the victim of it. I hope they can both rebound in one way or another. Life goes on.

EDIT: Just got word that Jon Jones also failed the B sample piss test taken at UFC 214. It’s over.



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