RESPECT to Alex Reyes for stepping in to fight Mike Perry


So Mike Perry was originally scheduled to fight Thiago Alves, who is a fucking beast. Not the beast he was pre-USADA, but a beast nonetheless. I was excited to see Mike Perry Go in there and bang with Thiago. I had Mike winning that fight via knockout 1st round. But, as we now know, Alves pulled out of the fight. I am not exactly sure why because i honestly have not looked into it that deep, but the bottom line is that Mike Perry was left without a fight. Just like you may have guessed, Perry accepted the late notice match up with Alex Reyes. I have yet to see this man fight, but he is 30 years old and has a solid record of 13-2, most of his fights being in the lightweight division. Has a well balance of submissions and knockouts. His losses came by TKO and decision. With that said, I give him all the respect in the world for stepping in.


I see this fight being a fucking war. We will see some ground game in this fight as well as some heavy hands being thrown. I see this fight going to the third round, where Mike Perry will catch Alex Reyes with a hook and drop him. Ground and pound for the finish.

DISCLAIMER : I have not seen Reyes fight. He may be a fucking beast and go starch Perry. I write this shit off the cuff, no need for too much research. It’s just my thoughts (:alex-reyes-ufc-fight-night-116




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