Mighty Mouse: The money issue

Demetrious Johnson is still asking for more money. He said he is willing to fight who the fans want to see him fight :

“Now, everybody is like, ‘I don’t want to fight the number one contender, I want to fight the guy who everybody likes to watch fight, so that I get that big pay check’,” Johnson said on the most recent episode of Submission Radio. “Trust me, I’m about to jump in that boat too, but I will never turn down a fight and I’ll just fight anybody.”


Look Demetrious. We want to see you fight TJ Dillashaw, and we will pay to see it. I think I am speaking for most hardcore mma fans when I say that. Casual fans do not even know who mighty mouse is. So, in my opinion, he’s gonna have to rely on hardcore and semi-hardcore fans to buy his fights. TJ dillashaw is the toughest fight for DJ in my opinion, and this is why I want to see it. Tj already fucking said he could make the weight. He was cutting muscle weight to make 125, and he said he was on perfect track to make the weight. But DJ STILL WILL NOT ACCEPT. Even if the UFC won’t meet his $2 million dollar demand, he can make that up in PPV points. Guaranteed. Say they give him $1 mil for the fight. He can make up a lot of the other million in PPV points. I think this fight will do 700-900k PPV buys, that’s my educated guess. Here’s what else DJ said:

“I think $2 million is fair,” Johnson said. “I think it’s $2 million. Obviously we don’t have the same fanbase, you know, we’re not prom king or prince or duke or whatever like Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are. But I’ll tell you what, our skillset and what we’ve done in the past as mixed martial artists in this sport – shit, Dominick Cruz has defended his belt more times than Conor McGregor has and Conor McGregor is more active than Dominick Cruz. So that right there, just what we bring to the table as athletes, and what we’ve done in this sport, I think that deserves two million dollars, especially since the UFC got bought for 4.2 billion dollars. WME-IMG has the cash to front this fight.”

That being said, I don’t think the UFC is gonna lose any steam by paying him 2 million. After all, they are professional athletes, and they are at the TOP. Still barely making as much as an AVERAGE NBA/NFL/MLB player. Not to mention fighting is way more dangerous and exciting than either of those fucking sports. It’s like watching paint dry compared to fighting. They are literally getting in a cage with another man who will proceed to try and kill them. Pay these mother fuckers @WMEIMG. By all means, the more exciting fighters should make more but the average pay scale for UFC fighters should be way higher in my opinion. At the end of the day, these are contracted fighters and should honor their contract if they sign that shit. If they want a better contract, they need to increase their self value somehow. If not, the fighters will have to come together and figure it out for themselves.


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