Jon Jones…. stop it

This nigga fails a third drug test..... but it was just another big misunderstanding. Is it really though? Did someone spike your drink Jon? Did you take a dick pill or tainted supplement? Or did you feel like you needed to cheat to defeat DC? Or even worse, have you been cheating your entire UFC... Continue Reading →


Here is a fight I am actually excited to see. I dont care who you are, if you watch this fight you will most likely be entertained. Both of these guys are monsters with extremely versatile fighting styles. Both guys have amazing cardio. We just saw Cody take Cruz a full 5 rounds and he... Continue Reading →

Welcome (:

I would consider myself a semi-hardcore mma fan. Most of my attention revolves around the UFC and i feel like i have some valid opinions that many people agree with. That is why i started this blog. So i can give my thoughts on topics i find interesting and do so in whatever fashion i... Continue Reading →

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